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Opinion: How many wins does Arteta need in his first 10 games to save his job?

Mikel Arteta has been given another season to prove that he can become a top manager at Arsenal.

The Spaniard was given the role of the club’s boss when he didn’t have any experience and he will no doubt be grateful for the faith they have shown in him for the last 18 months.

There is a perfect way to start a managerial career, winning all your games, however, Arteta did not really enter a settled situation, but Arsenal clearly expected progress when they replaced the experienced Unai Emery with him.

Emery has won trophies around Europe and he even helped the Gunners to reach the final of the Europa League in 2019.

Arteta went one further by winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield, which bought him more time at the helm.

The former midfielder has just presided over Arsenal’s worse season in more than two decades, but there are more calls for him to be given time than for him to be sacked.

I have never believed in him as the manager that will take us back to the top, because a manager’s experience is key to what they can deliver at any club.

Europe is filled with managers whom most people thought would be championship-winning coaches at the start of their career, but haven’t won many after starting as Arteta did.

It’s a good show of faith that Arsenal will give Arteta another season, although I don’t think he will enjoy a better campaign.

I also don’t think we have to wait until the end of the season to deliver a verdict on him.

In the first ten games, we should know if his team is now ready for a title challenge or not.

If he cannot win six of his first ten league games next season, he should be sacked. What is the winning number for you?

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